Youtube: zeal3eVVBws reviews BlackJack 224

We love it when the BlackJack gets a great online review, and did just that at the Palm Beach Boat Show in Palm Beach, Florida. Senior Editor Lenny Rudow gave this video review of the BlackJack 224, describing it as an “unexpected gem” from Bill and Gary Kenner, who have “years of boat building experience.”

As you’ll see, Rudow praises many of the 224’s features, which also come standard with the 256. He points out the finish and locks on hatches, how the live-well is insulated (to ensure more stable water temperature for better bait) and how handy it is to have a second live-well toward the bow.

“It’s a a small detail, but an important thing that sets [the BlackJack] as a serious fishing boat,” he said.

Other thoughtful features Rudow focuses on are the trim switch on the bow to raise an outboard motor in shallow water, and rod tubes in the storage compartment to help protect expensive rods.

Watch for yourself why he describes the BlackJack as a “sweet ride.” Then locate a nearby dealer to see a BlackJack boat firsthand and schedule a test ride.

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