Yamaha Performance Bulletins

BlackJack only uses the highest-quality materials, parts and accessories, and the engine is no exception. As the final step in the building process, Yamaha engines are factory installed on your BlackJack before heading to the dealer.

Yamaha Outboard Performance Bulletins provide in-depth performance information on hundreds of boat and engine combinations under shared test conditions. This allows buyers to see how Yamaha outboards perform on a variety of boats based on technology, horsepower range, boat type and manufacturer.

As you'll see from clicking the bulletins below, both the BlackJack 224 and 256 perform at top levels in the areas of gallons-per-hour (GPH), miles-per-hour (MPH) and miles-per-gallon (MPG). So, when you're looking for premier quality and peak performance in both a bay boat and engine, look no further than BlackJack and Yamaha.

BlackJack 224

Yamaha F300XCA

Yamaha VF250LA

BlackJack 256

Yamaha F350XCB

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