The BlackJack Difference

With BlackJack comes more than 70 years of boat-building experience. This extensive knowledge of craftmanship has culminated in the Kenner family’s most innovative, exquisite design yet. In a BlackJack, you stand out of the crowd and can get to the fish faster, safer and drier.

One of the key characteristics of the BlackJack’s hull design is the “Carolina flare.” This concave design on the front allows the hull to cut into the chop and waves more smoothly, without pounding. Combined with the reverse flare of the hull chines, it serves to turn the spray down and away from the boat, making for a smoother, drier ride.

The large lifting strakes on the bottom of the hull help reduce the wetted surface on the hull, meaning a more efficient boat at speed. Aesthetically, the “tumblehome” transom hearkens back to classic wood hulls, as well as the broken shear line of the gunwale.

Also, with BlackJack comes excellent customer service that you’d expect from a small builder with a hands-on approach, including a lifetime limited warranty and a friendly voice on the other end of the phone, should an issue arise.

The handcrafted quality of our boats, as well as their superior performance and beautiful design, are why so many people choose BlackJack. To learn more, order one of our brochures or visit a nearby dealer to see a BlackJack up close. When you experience the ride and style of a BlackJack in person, you’ll understand why our owners are so passionate and loyal.

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When you experience the ride and style of a blackjack boat in person, you‘ll understand why our owners are so passionate and loyal. Find a dealer to see for yourself

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