The Kenner Family Legacy

The Kenner name has been synonymous with boat-building for more than 70 years. Over the years, Bill and Gary Kenner have mastered a wide variety of watercraft, always taking a hands-on approach to boat building. Along the way, Bill and Gary have made countless friends in the industry and earned a reputation for making boats with hand-crafted quality, show-stopping designs and superior performance.

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Handcrafted Quality

The BlackJack construction process starts one boat at a time, allowing for a hands-on approach every step of the way and meticulous attention to every detail to ensure the finest quality. Because the Kenner family has built such a variety of watercraft over the years, Bill and Gary understand more than most how to handle fiberglass and mold it into boats that not only perform well, but also look amazing.

Every piece of the BlackJack is assembled by hand, starting with the hull, which features a “Carolina flare” design and is built on molds personally designed by Gary (whose staggering attention to detail has earned him his craftsman reputation). Everything is done by hand, from “gelling” the BlackJack’s signature colors to injecting foam into its stringer system to separately applying catalyzed polyester resin to 57 individual pieces. Every part and accessory is checked and rechecked before leaving for the dealer to ensure a smooth, stable ride that allows you to fish in comfort.

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