Best Months to Catch Bull Redfish

Bull redfish are a sought-after species among many anglers, and catching these fish requires a little studying to understand when and where they’re available. When you can catch bull reds depends on where you’re fishing and what the habits are of that specific local population. We’ve put together some basic tips you need to know when it comes to chasing after bull redfish in your BlackJack Boat.

A bull redfish is a redfish that has grown to maturity and is over 27 inches. They can be found anywhere from Chesapeake Bay down through the Gulf of Mexico. According to Sport Fishing Magazine, these are the best seasons to fish for bull reds in these specific areas:


  • May through September — optimal months for targeting redfish in nearshore waters.


  • August — bull reds start spawning in deeper areas of the St. John’s River.
  • Fall and early spring — anglers in the Gulf head to deeper waters near Ft. Desoto, off St. Petersberg.
  • Halloween through February — best time in the Florida Panhandle, with peak action in November and December near beaches.

Our friends at RedFin Charters in Charleston, South Carolina, say spring and fall are the best times to catch them in their neck of the woods:


  • April — bull redfish from 15-35+ pounds are plentiful in April.
  • September — RedFin notes that the bull reds are active in the harbor because of the cooler weather.

Finding the bull redfish is just one part of the equation. Once you’ve found them, you have to know how to catch them. The experts at RedFin know how to help you catch them with specific targeting techniques. They say they use menhaden, mullet and blue crab near drop offs and ledges. You can learn more about them and their techniques here.

From the task of finding bull redfish to knowing what to do when you find them, catching this species is a fun, exciting challenge. If you’re going to make the attempt, you might want to make sure you’re in a boat that will provide a fast, smooth. Read up on our BlackJack 224 and BlackJack 256 to learn more about our exceptional boats.

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