5 Reasons You'll Love the New BlackJack 256 Coastal

If you’re a fan of BlackJack Boats, you’ve probably heard about our new model by now. Last month, we announced the BlackJack 256 Coastal, a new addition to our lineup of world-class bay boats. With the Coastal comes new features we know our boat fans will love, combined with the same excellent performance and impressive, modern look that makes BlackJack Boats the best on the market. Here are five things you’re sure to love about the new BlackJack 256 Coastal:

1) Same great look.

The Coastal features the same sleek lines and hull that have made so many boat enthusiasts big fans of the BlackJack brand. BlackJacks are known and revered for their beautiful design.

2) Open layout.

Allowing for easy access to the stern and 40-gal. livewell leaning post, the Coastal boasts a layout that’s perfect for trolling or setting up offshore on reefs or wrecks.

3) Quickly convertible.

While the layout of the Coastal is perfect for offshore excursions, the model’s modified vee and raised forward deck and trolling motor make it equally capable inshore. The Coastal is quickly convertible to a day cruiser, with optional deck cushions and backrests, so you can spend hours on the sandbars or take a cruise on the Intracoastal Waterway - whatever floats your boat!

4) Perfect for both offshore and inshore.

Because of the open layout and its quickly convertible nature, the BlackJack 256 Coastal offers a versatility that’s new to the BlackJack lineup. It’s the best of both worlds and we’re excited to offer that to our customers!

5) The BlackJack experience you love.

One thing we pride ourselves on is the smooth, dry ride promised with our boats. This same excellent experience will remain with the new Coastal model. That’s not something we’ll compromise on.

With new, innovative versatility and the same great look and smooth ride that BlackJack fans know and love, the Coastal is sure to become a favorite of the BlackJack lineup. If you want to know more about the BlackJack 256 Coastal, contact your nearest BlackJack dealer and they’ll be happy to answer your questions.

If you want to see the BlackJack 256 Coastal in person, we’ll be traveling the boat show circuit with it and it may be coming to a boat show near you! Stay up-to-date on the boat shows we’ll be at by following us on Facebook and Instagram so you never miss a beat!

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