Here at BlackJack Boats, we’re excited to launch our new and improved website. The new site not only provides an updated, high-quality look with user-friendly navigation, but it also provides what’s most important to our customers: more details and information that will allow you to stay up-to-date on all things BlackJack Boats.

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There isn’t just one thing that sets BlackJack Boats apart from other boats on the market. The truth is there are really a lot of things that make BlackJack different from the competition. But each of those works together to set BlackJack owners apart from the crowd in one big way: you get to the fish faster, safer and drier. That is the BlackJack difference that matters most.

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Youtube: zeal3eVVBws

We love it when the BlackJack gets a great online review, and did just that at the Palm Beach Boat Show in Palm Beach, Florida. Senior Editor Lenny Rudow gave this video review of the BlackJack 224, describing it as an “unexpected gem” from Bill and Gary Kenner, who have “years of boat building experience.”

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