Q&A with Red Wing Boat Co.

At BlackJack Boats, we understand that researching the perfect center-console bay boat can be a daunting task. You want to find the boat that’s right for you, and there are a lot of options to consider. That’s why we always encourage people to visit their nearest BlackJack dealer, so they can see firsthand the features that make a BlackJack so special, and hear from the dealer what they and customers love so much about the BlackJack 224, 256 and Coastal models.

We recently sat down with Ronnie Woolie with Red Wing Boat Co. in Houston, Texas, about why he enjoys selling BlackJacks, and what customers tell him after purchasing a premier center-console bay boat.

How long has Red Wing been selling BlackJacks?

We have been selling Frontier and BlackJacks since summer of 2007, if I remember correctly, and have enjoyed great success with these boats. They are great fishing boats. I really like the overall consistent quality of their boats, and the fact that, if I have an issue, I can call Bill, Dalton or Kathy and it gets handled! 

How do you describe BlackJacks to customers?

They have made steady improvements, year after year, mainly in fit, finish, upholstery, hardware, etc. Mr. Kenner has continually improved their boats, including going to all composite materials on the BlackJacks, as well as the Frontiers.  

The basic design of both lines has not changed dramatically. They are both good riding boats that stand up well to the rigors of bay fishing. The awesome ride and handling are what sets these hulls apart from other boats.

What do BlackJack customers say about the BlackJack?

The most popular features of these boats is their ability to work with a lot of different horsepower outboards, so a customer can rig them as he likes. They do not have to “max out” the engine size to have a great fishing boat. However, if that’s their wish, it can be done. They are quick to plane, very efficient hulls with a super dry ride.          

Personally, what are your favorite features of the BlackJacks?

Most favorite features would be the “Carolina Flare” bow design, dual live-wells and upgraded coolers. Most fisherman like the compact consoles of the the 224 BlackJack; it leaves them more fishing room.

The full featured bait-wells are also favorite features. On the 256, the battery storage being centrally located is a great feature. It helps distribute the weight more evenly.

With the Coastal now out, what are its features you're most excited about, or that you think customers will enjoy? 

The 256 Coastal should really appeal to the anglers that don’t feel comfortable standing up on elevated decks in rough water situations, or in offshore big swells. Or, for anglers with mobility issues, there is a lot of deck space.

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